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As of September 11, 2009 the need for volunteers on the ground in Eagle is winding down for the year.  We have had many volunteers come in groups and as individuals. In addition to volunteers from Mennonite Disaster Service and Samaritan's Purse, 233 volunteers from all over the United States and abroad came to help Eagle rebuild.  There are now 13 new homes under roof, and the final clean-up contractor will be headed out of town next week.  The volunteers accomplished much, including
  • Clearing of trees and brush/chainsaw work
  • Salvage of building materials form homes
  • Removal and cleaning of personal items form homes and buildings
  • Construction of Sheds and out buildings from Salvaged materials
  • Assist in repairing flood damaged homes (removal of insulation, electrical, and reinstallation)
  • Construction of squared timber log cabins
  • Truck drivers/heavy equipment operators/ driveway and foundation pads
  • Garden maintenance/ Assistance
  • cooking for up to 100 volunteers and flood victims each meal, each day
... and Thank you to..
Our neighbors from Dawson City, Yukon who have been in twice and worked several days each time. They scrubbed flooded possessions, built an outhouse and disassembled a home. Thank you Neighbors!
  • One couple that works with the Yukon Quest brought a 24’ trailer all the way from Washing to leave as living quarters for a local resident that lost his home. Thanks Folks!
  • Rob  Rob-paire.jpgfrom Pennsylvania who has committed to spend the summer here. Rob, a volunteer with LightShine Ministries, will be providing continuity and direction for volunteer groups as they come through.
  • A Yukon River canoeist who dropped in and volunteered a couple of days of his time.
  • The large group of Boy Scouts and leaders drop in after a float trip on the 40-mile and Yukon Rivers. They gladly helped clean out a difficult to access building. Thanks Scouts and Happy 100th Birthday!
  • Christina Young has her own unique Alaskan History. She arrived in her pride and joy, a 1954 L21B Supercub. This is her fourth summer flying throughout Alaska, the state she was born in. We greatly apprecaite her willingness to drop in and help out!
  • ......things became very, very busy.....

Donations to help pay for equipment time and materials and to help Eagle residents replace personal belongings are still needed.  (Please see Donations & PayPal and Warm Hearts links)