Various Needs Lists

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Eagle Rebuild project this summer. At this time we are still seeking cash donations to help with equipment rentals fees needed to finish off the septic systems and other projects. The projects took a bit longer to complete than planned, and we are short on cash needed to pay off these rental fees. If you would like to help with this please click the donation link to the right, your help is very appreciated.
If you need more detailed information regarding these needs or would like to discuss how you or your team can contribute please feel free to contact: 

Robert Paire, Volunteer Coordinator
Eagle, Alaska

Skilled Labor (Construction & Demolition) - as of Aug 28, 2009
 Need Category  Item  Quantity Additional Information  Status Priority

   All Trades

At this time there is a critical need for those skilled in all phases of construction and demolition-work is moving to interiors of most houses.

  Ongoing Need

Repairs to    Oil-Fired Boilers

  5 complete  units

Specific information
on the sizes and condition of each boiler will be provided as it becomes available.
  Volunteer identified.  Thank you.

Woodstove Piping/Chimney Install
approx. 13 units

Experienced installers required
Newly Identified Need


Materials - as of Aug 28, 2009
Need Category   Item  Quantity  Additional Information

 Status  Priority
 single family home
    1 house

to be determined

 supplement construction of   single family home
    3 houses
to be determined

Equipment & Tools -as of Aug 28, 2009
 Need Category  Item  Quantity  Additional Information

 Status  Priority 
None Identified at this time          
Volunteers urged to bring their own tools.
Needs met to   date through generous donations. Thank you.

Other -as of Aug 28, 2009 
 Need Category  Item  Quantity  Additional Information

 Status  Priority
Subsistence Fishing Gear- Net
Needs met to date through generous donations. Thank you.


The needs in Eagle, Alaska are great but so are people's hearts. Thank you for your generous support of this effort.